Infinite Creations, LLC Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Old World Plaster with Hand Painted Design
*Award Winning, Hand Painted Mural with gilded trim and venetian plaster surround.
Hand Painted Ceiling Lattice designs with wash
Hand Painted Groin vaults with soft Glazing
Simulated "Portoro" Marble column with high gloss finish
"After Michelangelo's Libian Sybil Hand Painted
Layered Wax finish ceiling
Abalone, prismatic metallic wall finish with aging
Master Bath hand glazed wall finish with metallic plaster ceiling inset
Color wash wall
Copper Patina Hood
Copper finish ceiling with aged walls
Hand Painted "Globe Mural" based off of Logo
Color consult & layered plaster focal wall
"Old world" Plaster Arches
Color consult and layered wax ceiling with burned edge
Gilded, cracked Muslin with aging
"Parisian Villa" finish walls
Old world finished walls with hand painting
"Hand Painted" Granite match
Vintage Hot air Balloon Nursery Full Design, Color, architectural elements, drapes, mural design and execution.
Faux Brick Niche, full color design and Faux Bois (False wood) fireplace mantel
Focal wall Niche- Color washed, Metallic Champagne Damask with burning and aging.
Child's Room- hand stenciled ceiling over metallic plaster. Gilded Crackle moldings, Lilac Lusterstone with embedded designs.
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